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How to Make Sure You are Applying for a Loan on a Secure Website

By On September 19, 2016No Comments

It is very important to make sure that the loan site where you want to apply for the loan is secure because it involves entering your personal details. Not all loan sites are trustworthy as some are set up deliberately to steal the personal information of ignorant users. Therefore, you must practice precautions when applying for the loan online.

One of the signs that a loan site cannot be trusted is that it display pop up ads. Some pop up ads will install spyware on your computer to steal your personal information. Reputable loan applications usually will not display pop up ads because they know it irritates customers and that it also gives customers a sense of insecurity while applying loans on their sites. It also shows that the site is trying to generate revenue from the pop up ads instead of focusing on offering loans for customers.

The loan application site must be equipped with 256 bit SSL encryption system to protect the information of the applicants. Sites that are protected with 256 bit SSL encryption will display https in the browser address bar of the online application form. The ‘s’ at the end of the http shows that the connection in between your computer and the site is secure. If the url did not change to https, it means that there is a chance for identity thieves to steal your personal information. Besides the https, there should be a padlock icon in the browser bar too.

The loan application site must be belonged to an established bank or lending company. There must be a contact us page where you will find the telephone number, mailing address and email address. They will disclose the physical location of their headquarter on the contact us page to show that they have a real physical office. You can dial the telephone number or try sending an email to the customer support email address listed on the contact us page to see if there is a real team of customer service team taking care of the customers’ query.

An established loan site will display the privacy statement which disclose about the information that they collect from the users. The privacy statement will let you know whether they will sell your personal information to the third party.

Besides, you must not forget about doing research on testimonials written by other customers who have applied for loans at the site. Even big name loan companies will have complaints from their customers so it is wise to spend some time to do research and read reviews. You can go ahead to sign up for the loan if most of the feedback left by other customers are positive.

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Guide To Finding The Best Student Credit Card Offers Online

By On June 9, 2015 Comments Off on Guide To Finding The Best Student Credit Card Offers Online

If you are a college student, now is the time to start thinking about your financial future. Part of that financial future is thinking about building up your credit history and your credit score. Your time spent in college is the perfect time to slowly build up your credit score. A good credit score will open up as many doors to you as your higher education will. These cards can some with perks such as rewards or cash back tied to common student costs such as textbook purchases or entertainment.

When selecting the right credit card there are some features you should look for in a credit card. For example lets face it college life is very busy, so you should look for a credit card that offers email or text alerts when your statement is due, lest you forget to pay your credit card bill. If you miss a payment you will face penalty interest rates as well as hurting your credit score. A missed payment can be a steep hit to your budding credit score. Another feature that comes in handy is text alerts when your spending has hit a certain threshold, to avoid over spending.

If you are a college student under 21, to obtain a credit card you need to do one of two things in order to receive a credit card. The two things depend on if you have if income or not. If you do have income you must be able to show proof of this income in order to be approved. If you do not have income you can still receive a credit card, but in this case you will need to get a co-signer for your new credit card. Many college students find a friend who also needs a credit card and co-sign for each others cards.

Part of college life for most people is having a limited income, so for this reason you should avoid applying for more than 2 credit cards. Ideally one credit card should be enough. Your goal with a credit card should be to learn how to manage credit and build up your credit score slowly over time. Having more than 2 cards could lead you into debt that you cannot pay off, resulting in long term damage to your credit score. A credit score may not seem very important right now, but down the road you will need a good credit score, for things such as an auto loan to a mortgage for your future home. Also applying for multiple credit cards at one time can damage your credit score, due to the inquiries that result. If you are trying to build credit up then slow and steady wins the race.

During this time you must resist the temptation to go on spending spree’s with your credit card. Many college students blow of their responsibility of paying off their credit card statements each month, which leads to credit score damage that can take years to undo. If you manage your credit responsibly, you will be setting yourself up for a bright financial future.

Below is our top rated credit card pick geared towards college students:

Citi ThankYou® Preferred Card for College Students
This is our top pick for college students. This card features a zero percent introductory APR for 7 months on new purchases. It requires excellent credit or a co-signer, so you will likely need a co-signer for this card. The interest rates range from 13.99% -23.99%*, depending on your credit score. Unlike many credit cards geared towards students, this card has a rewards program, called ThankYou points, and a sign up bonus of 2,500 ThankYou points after you spend $500 in purchases within 3 months of opening the account. This card also features EMV chip technology for enhanced security.

Capital One Quick Silver Highlights List Of Top Credit Cards For January Of 2014

By On December 31, 2013 Comments Off on Capital One Quick Silver Highlights List Of Top Credit Cards For January Of 2014

January 1, 2014 – Dateline Chicago, Illinois

Welcome to 2014, the editorial staff from has been hard at work reviewing hundreds of credit cards over the past month in anticipation of the New Year. The start of 2014 brings optimism for consumers in the market for a new credit card as many of the top issuers have improved and enhanced some of the top card offers from last yearas they cultivate marketing offers geared towards attracting consumers in an improved economy. This is great news for current card holders and customers seeking new credit cards as the offers will likely include larger rewards, more cash back, longer periods of zero percent and new perks such as credit score monitoring.

The Quick Silver by Capital One was selected as the top overall credit card available in the market out of hundreds of credit cards. The card falls under the category of cash back/rewards cards one of the most sought after categories for consumers. What makes the card unique is that it offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases which is the highest percentage of all cash back credit cards. The Quick Silver Card also comes with a zero percent interest rate for purchases and balance transfers for the first 12 months, taking you into 2015. As an added incentive their is an opportunity to earn a $100 bonus if you accumulate over $500 in purchases during the first 90 days the card is use. Rounding out the top 5 credit cards identified as the top offers for January include: DiscoverIT (1% cash back, zero percent interest for 14 months), Bank America Travel Rewards (1.5 points for each $1 in spending), Slate from Chase (top choice for balance transfers), Capital One Venture Rewards (2 points for each $1 in spending on travel).

Consumers searching for the best card in 2014 should start by idenifying their spending habits and financial goals. With hundreds of cards to review and choose from finding the best card is really a unique proposition relative to your own goals. Whether you are searching for a balance transfer, travel rewards, student or zero percent credit card you will find dozens of credit card offers worth considering. The good news is that each category is reviewed and sorted at making the process of finding the right card super easy.

Steven Moore

Be aware of online scam loans and save yourself from a financial crisis

By On October 1, 2013 Comments Off on Be aware of online scam loans and save yourself from a financial crisis

In the recent times, most of the lenders provide the borrowers with the option of online loans. You can sit at home and get a wide range of information about different types of loans available in the market through the websites. You will also get the option of comparing and evaluating various loan options before choosing the one that suits your needs. Thus, you will be able to shop around for the loan while sitting at home. Moreover, you will be able to complete the installment loans for bad credit application process online and submit the form in order to get the funds in your account.

Though the online option has made it easier to get a loan for many people, there are some who utilize this online option for wrong purpose. There are many people who scam the borrowers with the option of online loans. One has to be aware of the online loan scams in order to avoid any kind of financial crisis.

Online scams to be aware of

 Any borrower can get easily scammed by the various online loan options. Thus, it will be better if you know some of the typical features of these scams so that you can recognize and avoid any kind of fraudulent loan offer. Let’s take a look:

  • Scams regarding up-front fees: The scammers may ask you to deposit a huge up-front fee in order to get the online loan. They might ask you to deposit this amount without providing you with any documents. Many people fall into the trap and pay the up-front fees and in the end, the so-called lender never dispatches the loan amount. Always remember that a lender may ask you for a certain amount of application fee but he cannot ask you for a huge up-front fee before even providing you with any documents.
  • Scams regarding guaranteed loans: The scammers will try to influence you by saying that you have only limited loan options available due to your financial and credit situation. Thus, they will ask you to sign and pay for these loans. Many people fall for this con and end up in the losing side. Before signing on any document, always shop around and speak to various lenders in order to know your chances of getting a loan. This will help you avoid this scam.
  • Co-signer scam: This is another popular scam for borrowers in the market. The scammer will ask you to get someone else to guarantee/co-sign the loan for you. Many people who can easily qualify for the loans even fall into this trap and get a co-signer. You should always note that taking out a loan in your name will help you build up your credit. Try and avoid using the option of co-signer.
  • Scam regarding changing terms: Many a times, it happens that the lender will approve you for the loan and give you the funds to buy a home or a car. But once you buy it, the lender may inform you that you do not meet certain criteria of the loan and thus need to agree on different terms and conditions of the loan. Many a times, the interest rates may get increased making it difficult for you to pay off the loan. You need to shop around in order to avoid such scams.

Hopefully, now you will be able to avoid the scam loans.


How Short Term Loans When Paid Quickly Can Be a Financial Lifeline for Consumers

By On April 23, 2013 Comments Off on How Short Term Loans When Paid Quickly Can Be a Financial Lifeline for Consumers

For many consumers these days, some situations may arise which may need them to get some cash ahead of their paychecks. If for these people borrowing from banks is too restrictive and slow, and borrowing from friends and family is too embarrassing, there is still another option. They can avail of short term loans which they can apply for online. These loans don’t require credit checks; they just need a bank account and proof that you’re an adult who earns enough money to pay back the loan on the next payday.

These loans are best used for emergency situations, such as:

Emergency Car Repairs

Having your own transport is a necessity for many people, and not just a luxury. If you are one of these people, not having a car can cause you to be late or absent for important business meetings which can have a profound impact on your financial situation.

You can have your car fixed immediately without having to wait for your next paycheck by just availing of short term loans. The application procedure for these loans takes only a few minutes to complete, and then you have the money for repairs within 24 hours.

Buying Medicine

If you don’t have the cash ready to buy medicine in case of an emergency, you can get the money you need from short term loans. The fee you have to pay for such a loan is a pittance compared to what you may have to spend if the medical situation worsens due to the absence of timely medication. Another long-term consequence is that your health insurance premiums may increase as well.

Avoiding Credit Card Late Payments

Being late in paying your credit card bills can have truly horrendous consequences. You have to pay late payment fees, after which your credit card company can then raise your interest rates. Then they will report your late payment to the three major credit reporting agencies, which in turn can lower your credit scores by more than a hundred points. That lower score can then increase the interest you have to pay on future loans, and may even result in rejected loan applications altogether.


Much has been made in the press about the interest rates charged by short term lenders, which in annual terms can be quite high. For example, you may have to pay an extra $30 for every hundred dollars you borrow for only several weeks. Such concerns miss the essential point of short term loans. As its name explicitly indicates, short term loans are great only for the short term. They’re not meant to be carried for an entire year.

This is why short term lenders only lend a comparatively small amount of money, and why they offer very few barriers to prevent borrowers from getting their much-needed cash quickly. They’re for specific situations and emergencies only. When used properly, a short term loan can be a financial lifeline that can save a person from financial ruin.

The need of having steady income for a co applicant

By On December 6, 2012 Comments Off on The need of having steady income for a co applicant

Are you in search of a loan and you feared of having poor credit? Well, this was a big problem once. The lenders feared to lend money to people who are possessing bad credit. But, from the perspective of the today’s world, as a borrower, you have all the options to leave this problem in a side and move forward towards many options. Among them, getting a loan with co applicant is a better solution indeed!

The co applicant is a person who signs the application form with the original borrower with a strong commitment of carrying the same responsibilities and promises to repay the debts if the original borrower fails. So, you must understand that a borrower needs to carry a lot of responsibilities with the loan.

Generally, the co applicant is needed, when the original borrower is not eligible for the loans for bad credit. So, the cosigner shares the eligibility with the borrower and thus the loan is being preceded after that. So a general common sense says that co applicants need to have a better credit to let you get financed in the way you want.

Well, definitely this is true, that the co applicant needs better credit to become eligible for being part of the money borrowing procedure. Still, it is not the only one thing to take care for being the co applicant. In fact, they must have to go through a checking procedure where the lenders would find out whether the particular co applicant is eligible or not.

To be true, all the lenders want security. They just need the assurance that as a borrower or co applicant, you are able enough to repay the debts. So, here, credit might not be the only ingredient to get qualified for this particular post. All the lenders want from the borrowers and cosigners that they will have to prove their ability to carry the debts. And in that case, the need of having a steady income must keep a big impact on the procedures to get financed with cosigner unsecured loans.

Having steady income is the proof that a person is capable of repaying the debts as well as he/she can be a trust worthy person in matters of lending money. So, in that case, the borrowers must provide you with the financial solution. Even if you lack credit, that will not effect on your money borrowing activities. But, the lenders will not trust all these in your words of mouth. You will have to provide proofs of those. From this point of view, the necessity of documentation comes.

Many people find the documentation procedure as a useless task. But, to be true, this is needed after all. When you want to make the lenders believe that you are having an steady income, you will have to show your documents of income statements, job statements and other financial papers to let the lenders make sure how much you can carry. So, it’s always important for a co applicant to have a steady income.

Save money in student life

By On December 6, 2012 Comments Off on Save money in student life

Saving money is a term which always brings a positive consequence in our life. Experts and wise people always suggests us to save some money each month from the income we generate. This habit should be grown up in times of being a student. Also, if you can manage to save some money in student life, that savings can be a big help in the long run. In fact, if you wish to start a business after graduating, you may not have to go for business unsecured loans if you have a moderate amount of savings.

This is a simple example of the impotence of make savings. But, to be true, this has huge positive aspects and this habit is definitely helpful in the long run. So, a student must save some money. Though it may sound or seem impossible to them, it is not. In fact, some simple strategies can make it possible for them to save some money in times of being a student.

Utilize the after college time in a part time work:

Generally, students get busy with college and study. So, it may seem impossible for them to generate some extra money to make savings. But, the after college times can be very useful. You can easily join in a part time work and generate some more money and make savings with that extra money. This will bring a lot in the future.

Utilizing the holidays to generate some more money:

You may find working in the after college time as a troubling thing. But, you will have holidays to utilize instead. In fact, the holidays give you with a whole day of time to get involved in a job and earn some money from there. Also, the vacation times can be very helpful to extract some money from a job. This total money is a great source of savings.

In fact, many students on the USA are utilizing the holidays to earn some money and make savings with that. It is always better to avoid debt. But, the financial need force us to go the lenders to seek for loans for bad credit. But, extracting some money with hard work and making savings with that money can let you be a debt free person.

Cutting the costs from the bills:

Cutting the cots form the bills can be great source to manage some balance to make savings. Now, you must get surprised with the headline of this point. Well, cutting the cost is not an impossible task at all. In fact, consuming less electricity can make it possible for you. You can avoid using air conditioner at home. You can avoid using washing machine. You can avoid cooking in an electric oven and get a solar panel instead. So, all these can let you cut a huge cost from the bills, and the left amount of balance can be a great source to make savings for a student. Though it may force you to make sacrifices, it is helpful for your own future.


Finding Lenders That Offer Personal Loans When Your Credit Is Blemished

By On September 26, 2012 Comments Off on Finding Lenders That Offer Personal Loans When Your Credit Is Blemished

When you suffer from poor credit, it can be pretty tough finding a lender that will offer you a loan. But don’t fear, because it’s not impossible. There are companies who understand that not everyone has great credit!

Credit problems can happen to the best of people. Many people spend years building up their credit rating, only to have it knocked to pieces when they stumble upon hard times. Lay-offs occur, or injuries that interfere with work happen, and then suddenly one finds themselves living off of their savings, and struggling to pay the bills. With some missed payments, credit scores can go down, and it happens in a flash. Banks all of a sudden don’t want to offer loans because of it, but sometimes a loan is needed! What to do in this situation?

Consider a personal lender such as a payday lender. A payday loan, also known as cash advances or cash loans, are loans that cater to people with credit problems. When one applies for a payday loan, they will see how easy it is to get it, because there is simply no credit check involved. A payday loan company uses their customers projected paycheck as a sort of “collateral” to ensure that the loan is re-paid on time. There will never be any questions as to whether your credit history is good or not, and no credit reports will ever be taken. Even those customers who have very poor credit, because of a repossession of a vehicle, or from having to declare bankruptcy, do not have to worry.

The steps for applying for this type of fast loan are easy, and most companies now operate online. This way, you are assured complete anonymity when you apply for a loan, a plus for many people who don’t like to risk letting their financial troubles out of the bag. Most companies ask for just a few requirements to be met. These are usually that the customer is 18 years old, has a steady stream of income coming in, and can supply their checking account numbers. The payday loan company will then approve the borrower for the loan amount that is affordable to them, and automatically deposit it into their checking account. Most loans are processed within 24 hours of being applied for, another bonus for those who are a bit strapped, or even desperate, for cash. You do not have to supply your reasons for getting a loan, either. Just apply, and wait for approval.

Payday loan companies understand that not every customer will apply for a loan and have a good credit score. They know things happen to credit scores, and are there to help. For those looking for a quick and easy loan experience, a payday lender can be the most sensible and easy step to take.

Finding Cash Advance Loans Without Paying Huge Fees

By On July 30, 2012 Comments Off on Finding Cash Advance Loans Without Paying Huge Fees

What are Cash Advance Loans?

In the US, the number of cash advance loans and cash advance lenders are multiplying rapidly. Its popularity and recognition may have been attributed by the fact that cash advance loans are far easier and faster to secure than traditional loan forms. A cash advance loan is a typical kind of rapacious lending. Reported from the National Association of Consumer Advocates, a cash advance loan is an accepted subset of loans.

Basically, cash advance loans capitalize on individuals who are going through dire financial times. A cash advance loan guarantees immediate financial support in exchange for considerable interest rates plus impractical fees. While the Payday Loan Consumer Information states that interest rates for this type of loan range only from as low as 25% to 50%, the rate sometimes escalates to as much as 400%.

Cash advance loans may also be referred to as payday loans. They are designed to accommodate urgent financial circumstances. This form of loan is given in a small amount over a short period of time. As collateral, the borrower’s upcoming paycheck is used to secure the loan.

How to To Find Cheap Cash Advance Loans

As said earlier, the interest rates and extra fees for cash advance loans can reach unreasonable amounts. Furthermore, cash advance loans are illegal and unaccepted in 13 states in the US and only 37 accept cash advance loans, yet is monitored by the state government. With this in mind, you have a lot of considerations to make. Here are tips to find cheap cash advance loans.

First tip is to look for a lender that does not require credit checks. You should opt for a lender that guarantees no credit check. One of the most significant differences between cash advance loans and other forms of loans is that it does not need to check the credit ratings of the borrower. If you apply for a cash advance loan, it’s either you need fast cash or you can’t procure other loans due to your poor credit ratings. Borrowers with good credit usually don’t go for cash advance loans due to their huge fees.

Second tip is to choose a lender that complies with your requirements. You should work with a lender that meets you halfway. You may require more than $200 prior your next payday. Guarantee that your chosen lender is capable of lending an amount that is more in tune with your specific requirements. Nonetheless, avoid taking out money that you cannot afford to pay back in due time. This is commonly where interest rates begin to pinch your finances.

Third tip is to find a lender who does not necessitate tons of paperwork. Few lenders need the borrowers to do considerable paperwork, such as the number of applications to fill out. Avoid lenders who need a whole lot of paperwork. The standard requirements for cash advance loans include only that you be 18 years old or above, evidence of your employment, previous paychecks and a promissory letter.

Why Consolidating Debt Is Paramount To Financial Freedon

By On June 15, 2012 Comments Off on Why Consolidating Debt Is Paramount To Financial Freedon

Why Consolidating Debt Is Paramount To Financial Freedon

Finding your way out of debt to Financial Freedom may seem overwhelming at the moment, but by following a few simple steps you can get overspending under control and walk away free. Generally if you have good to excellent credit the best alternative is to find offers to transfer your balances to other banks, locking in something at 0% APR is a proven way to get ahead of your debt problems, unfortunately these finance options may not be available to all consumers.

There are only a few choices when looking for solutions to credit card debt and simple interest debt. They are:
1. Debt settlement
2. Credit counseling
3. Refinancing debt consolidation
4. Arrange payment with credit card companies yourself

Debt cancellation is another term for bankruptcy. In a bankruptcy a lawyer is needed to file the petition and their fees typically run between $1000 and $2000. If you have over $10,000 in unsecured debt, which includes credit cards and simple interest loans, your lawyer can file and the entire amount will be eliminated. The problem with bankruptcies is that they remain on your record for seven years and your credit score will bottom out for that period. This option is for those who have no other option.

Debt consolidation is for those who can afford a payment and so your credit rating will not be affected. Typically with debt consolidation, the company will total your credit cards and loans, which also must add up to $10,000 or over. Here are two methods of debt consolidation.

• A credit counseling company will take your debt and contact each company to have the fees eliminated and lower the interest on each card. They offer financial education like how to make a budget and how to save, and the result is that you will make monthly payments for approximately five years or longer depending on the amount of your debt.

• A debt settlement company works differently. A settlement company actually contacts each credit card company and negotiates a pay off for the card. The credit card companies are eager to recoup some of their losses, so they accept a lower balance. The debt settlement company then totals your account, adds a fee, and the creditee makes monthly payments for three to five years, depending on the total.

Whichever type of credit consolidation that you choose to eliminate debt, the results are certain that with each payment you make you will be closer to your goal of $0 debt, and you will feel better and better. Debt is a heavy load to carry and consolidating it to pay it off opens the door to financial freedom and a happier tomorrow.

Tips to rebuilding your credit through pre-paid credit cards

By On April 17, 2012 Comments Off on Tips to rebuilding your credit through pre-paid credit cards

Many people find themselves in the position of having bad credit. The reasons may vary from the economy, job loss which caused you to rack up credit card debt just to get by, or having no credit to begin with. Having no credit or a low credit score can prevent one from getting a car loan, mortgage, a credit card, line of credit, personal loan or even a decent job as many companies these days perform credit checks. If you are in this position you need a way to build your credit score up. Having a small balance credit card can repair or build credit. Regular monthly use of credit cards and paying the bill on time can establish, or re-establish ones credit. If you find yourself in a position to be denied a regular credit card, a secured credit card is a viable option, and serves the same purpose as a regular credit card.

Secured credit cards require a cash deposit, which is held by the credit card company as collateral. This collateral sets your credit limit. Many of these Secured Credit Cards if done through your bank will convert to a regular credit card after a period of time passes with positive credit standing with the issuer of the card. When your Secured Credit Card converts to a regular credit card, the issuer will return your deposit. It is rare that these deposits accrue interest on the deposit as the issuer takes this as part of their cost and risk of doing business with you. Some issuers will even reward you along the way for good payment by increasing your credit line without the need to add to the deposit. It is important that when the bank or credit card company you are dealing with increases the credit on your card, that you manage the new credit wisely, as one missed payment can severely set back your credit rating.

One should research the available secured credit cards and find one with the lowest fees and interest rates. When using a secured credit card to establish, or re-establish credit history, one needs to use the card monthly and pay off the bill on time. Using the card monthly will assure a regular pattern of credit use. Paying the credit card bill on time, every time, will assure your credit is posted positively to your credit report. Over time this will begin to increase your credit score.

While using a secured credit card to build credit, it would be in ones best interest to pay off any old debts that remain on your credit report. It also helps to pull your credit report every couple months to make sure the secured credit card is posting your positive credit to your credit report. Mistakes happen and some users of secured credit cards have reported their transactions not reflecting on their credit report. Should this happen to you simply call your credit card and update them on the situation, and ask them to report your credit history with the 3 major credit reporting agencies.